Financial Services Sector Security Report

The Financial Services Sector world is changing and anyone who connects to the internet for business increases their risks more and more each day. The UK Government and the Financial Services Sector are catching on slowly to the fact that there is a need for change. Our report highlights the issues and tells you where the changes are happening.

Don’t get caught out because there are deadlines!

Financial Services Sector

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Don’t be fooled by the clock, most of this work will take you 6 months to implement!

  • Did you know that the Data Protection Act is old, no longer fit for purpose and is due for replacement?
  • Did you know that the majority of companies that have had data compromised by outside sources are unaware of the fact for at least six months?
  • Do you know what your staff members are browsing during their lunch hours?
  • Did you know that you no longer have to click on a link to download dangerous code that will result in a data breach?
  • Anti-Virus and standard Firewalls are no longer enough to keep your data safe.
Ransomware was the biggest cause of data security breaches in 2016 and many of its victims only visited legitimate websites, they didn’t click on anything!


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Your report will be emailed to you and will explain where the risks are, the changes that have deadlines attached to them, the documents that you must change within your company and the ones that you should change to protect your business. The report will also provide you with a host of other security factors that should be checked, audited and tested to ensure that you are not the subject of an investigation by your own statutory bodies as well as organisations like the ICO. Watchman IT Security is happy to support businesses in any sector but our specialist tools are geared towards protecting businesses in the Financial Sector in particular.