TV Adverts can be misleading, the threats are never highlighted.

Technology has evolved and the latest thing steals the headlines while the last best thing catches up on security. That has been the way ever since I can remember, but now TV adverts are using our fears to encourage us to invest in technology that may increase the risks rather than reduce them.

Take one advert

Recently the prevalence of IoT (Internet of Things) products in TV adverts has increased. We have found in particular, that the connected Surveillance/Doorbell Camera type of device that “suggests” opportunist thieves can be put off by you speaking to them directly.

We are not sure how true this is, however, the concern that we see is that these devices connect to your router and these devices seldom have IT security in mind when they are designed.

These products add to the IoT devices already in common use; home heating mobile phone apps, fridge, washing machine and security camera systems to name just a few.

IoT Security and Attacks

  • In 2016 we saw the Mirai Botnet (aka Dyn Attack)
  • The Hackable Cardiac Devices from St. Judes in the USA
  • The Owlet WiFi Baby Heart Monitor Vulnerabilities
  • The TRENDnet Webcam Hack
  • The 2015 The Jeep Hack

These are just some of the attacks that hit the news headlines. Many more were only really highlighted in the security world.

So where is the real problem?

IoT devices are often expensive, but early adopters of technology often want them anyway.

IoT devices are produced with little or no security and the rip off versions soon appear with absolutely no security built in. Often with default passwords that can be found easily via a search engine.

The IoT devices have no Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware built in because this is a cost too far for the product manufacturers, a cost that would be passed to the owners through annual subscription charges (which often put people off the initial purchase).

These devices connect to your router which will typically have a firewall set to allow the majority of traffic through it and is not stop any DOS or DDNS attacks.


This is where the problems really start for the user, an unsecured device is a risk and the first problem is passwords.

Inexperienced users will leave the default password as is. More experienced users will change the password but that password will typically be weak.

Passwords can be found quicker than most people think

Once access to the IoT device has been gained it is a short hop (excuse the pun) to the router and then to other devices like your PC, remember that this IoT device has probably been trusted on your network and so access is even easier.


Now we never focus on a problem at Watchman unless we are looking for or have found the solution, in this case we have found it.

F-Secure Sense is the missing piece of your connected home (or small office).

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Easily secure every connected thing in your home using one device, now and in the future. F-Secure SENSE is the combination of a security router, an advanced security app and industry-leading cloud protection.

Firewall: Blocks malicious connection attempts based on predetermined rules. Protects devices when outside your home network.

Protection from SENSE reaches beyond your connected home, with your devices protected wherever you are using the SENSE app.

WiFi router: Choose between 2.4GHz (longer reach) or 5GHz (faster speed) frequencies. An intuitive and easy way to control and monitor your Wi-Fi settings.

Always up-to-date, secure router: Vulnerabilities in the software of traditional routers can expose your connected home to online threats. Forget clumsily updating your router using a confusing web interface or USB sticks, because the SENSE router regularly and automatically updates its software in a secure manner.

Browsing Protection: Blocks malicious or compromised sites based on URL reputation.

Anti-Virus: Real-time file scanning on device to block malware. Network traffic scanning to block downloading malware and malicious apps.

Anti-Bot: Blocks traffic from compromised device to attacker’s command and control center.

Anti-tracking: Prevents tracking sites from following your surfing habits and collecting data about you.

Behavior-based blocking: Blocks custom malware and zero-day attacks by analyzing app behavior (DeepGuard).

Device discovery: Device discovery detects what kind of device is being connected to the SENSE network. This allows SENSE to adapt to its security needs, as different types of connected devices require different types of protection.

Banking protection (on Windows and Mac): Banking protection lets you know when you enter a safe banking site and secures the connection to the site, keeping your money safe.

IoT security: Senses traffic from connected devices to provide extra protection against IoT threats.

Single app to monitor all connected devices at home. Your secure home network is set up, controlled and monitored through a single mobile app. The SENSE app guides you through the setup process, shows you how to add devices to your network and lets you monitor their traffic.

Want more information? Fill out the form for the Official Product Brochure.

F-Secure Sense Brochure

F-Secure Sense is the missing piece of your connected home.

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Security for your IoT.

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