Every day, companies fall victim to hackers who steal data and use it to gain access to other systems.

That data may have been the final target or it may be something that they gathered to add to an exisiting data repository that will be used to attack an individual or organisation.

Lets say a hacker or group of hackers are after financial information from companies with a view carrying out some sort of fraud.

They have already managed to infect several thousand home computers and during a reconisance review they find that one of the computers they have infected belongs to the CEO of a company.

They now have several potential targets:

  1. Defraud the CEO
  2. Start a new attack on the company owned by the CEO using his captured data and credentials. The aim being to defraud the company.
  3. If they are unable to defraud the company then perhaps as a fall back they can capture employee information and defraud them.
  4. Extract some information about third parties that the company works with and attack them. This may be via a Phishing attack using captured employee credentials.

The size of the company really doesn’t matter to the hackers. They know that information is king and that it is just a numbers game before they hit the jackpot.

Protecting your company

  1. Speak to an IT Security Specialist
  2. Have an IT Security Audit (ITSA)
  3. Using the results of the ITSA, develop a cost effective solution to highlighted issues
  4. Budget for annual (minimum) security improvements and training
  5. Plan to employ a Security Specialist or put one on Retainer
  6. Have regular Security Audits

What’s the worst that could happen?

Due to the GDPR any data breach could spell the end for your company! The fines that can be levied are capable of wiping out a company.

In reality, the ICO is not likely to apply the most massive fine to a small firm, but they will be more interested in what processes you have in place to protect data. If you have done everything reasonably expected then fine, but if you have done nothing or the minimum….. Well you can guess the rest.

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