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Next Generation Endpoint Security

Many definitions of what a next generation endpoint security product is or does exist today. This makes selecting the right technology a complex task. With an ever increasing risk surface and complexity and volume of attacks, combined with small teams and very tight labour markets creates a very challenging world for IT security teams in small and midsized organizations.

Multiple point product approaches introduce more problems alongside the challenges they are trying to solve. We must implement new solutions that are simple, yet effective, automated and coordinated, in short synchronized via technology innovation.


Exploits take advantage of weaknesses in legitimate software products like Adobe Flash and Microsoft Office to infect computers for criminal purposes. They’re commonly leveraged by cybercriminals in order to penetrate organizations’ defences.

The objectives of these criminals are diverse: stealing data or holding it for ransom, performing reconnaissance, or simply as a means to deploy more traditional malware.  It’s common to find exploits used as part of cyber attacks: upwards of 90% of reported data breaches find that an exploit is used at one or more points in the attack chain.

Including exploit prevention as part of a comprehensive line-up of security defences is clearly valuable.

Exploits have been around for more than 30 years, so it should come as no surprise that almost every major security vendor can claim some level of exploit prevention. However, the breadth and depth of that protection varies significantly between vendors. For some, it’s a box to tick; for others, it’s a major focal point.

To help you to learn more about exploits and the various levels of exploit prevention found in prominent security products we have put together a pair of white papers that provide an invaluable guide to protecting your endpoints.

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