IT Security – It’s not all Firewalls and Anti-Virus

It’s true that especially in the business world; having a good Unified Threat Management hardware Firewall and Effective Anti-Virus systems is exceptionally important in protecting your business from Cyber-Threats, there is a lot more to it than just these things.

Having well thought through, security conscious processes and procedures are just as important as is ongoing training for your staff.

With threats evolving all the time and well designed social engineering attacks happening every day, it is critical that staff are aware of the threat landscape and where attacks are coming from as well as the forms they may take. The fact that you may receive an email that looks to all intents and purposes like it was sent by another member of the company to you or that it was sent from a client or supplier no longer means that it can be treated with any less suspicion than one that arrives from a total stranger.

Because of all the possible threats and vulnerabilities as well as the different levels of service that a business may require, we offer several options to guide and help.

Cyber Threat Training

Watchman IT Security is pleased to say that we can provide exceptional Cyber Threat Training to businesses on-site in a traditional session and remotely through online conferencing for your business and your staff.

The subjects covered include:

  • Why Cyber Threats Exist – The motivation for Cyber threats
  • The Dark Web – Why it is so hard to track down the bad guys?
  • Who is liable – Why does this affect everyone?
  • Evolution of threats – How we got here
  • Bot-Nets – Even your old home computer is attractive to hackers
  • Typical Threats – What’s hot right now
  • Staying safe – Pausing for 1 second is all it takes
  • Resources – Where to get free information about Cyber Threats
  • Q & A

Information Systems Security Assessment

For the business that is concerned about their own vulnerability we can perform an IS Security Assessment. This service is an in depth look at where your business is vulnerable to Cyber-Threats and includes more than just looking at your IT Systems, although that will certainly play a significant part in the assessment.

No matter if you are a Micro Business, SME or Enterprise, within the assessment we will also examine and help you improve your IT Strategic Planning by checking (or developing if you don’t have them) your:

  • Policies
  • Processes
  • Procedures
  • Standards

Depending on your business size, growth and model the number of items under the above headings may be just 3 or four, but could easily be a dozen or more for larger businesses dependent on the amount of data you hold and process.

At the end of the Assessment you will receive a briefing highlighting your companies strengths and you will also receive detailed information on any area’s that could be improved on in the accompanying report.

Should you wish us to hold you accountable to improvements and recommendations found a follow up visit can be booked to help you progress the changes and improvements. This is a collaborative process aimed at reducing your companies vulnerability to Cyber-Threats.

Information Systems Audit

We follow the ISACA guidelines and code of practice when performing a IS Audit. To this end we align the ITAF Framework and COBIT.

COBIT is the overarching business and management framework for governance and management of enterprise IT.

The 5 principles of COBIT.

Principle 1: Meeting Stakeholder Needs

Principle 2: Covering the Enterprise End-to-End

Principle 3: Applying a Single Integrated Framework

Principle 4: Enabling a Holistic Approach

Principle 5: Separating Governance and Management

ITAF’s design recognizes that IS audit and assurance professionals are faced with different requirements and different types of audit and assurance assignments, ranging from leading an IS-focused audit to contributing to a financial or operational audit. ITAF is applicable to any formal audit or assurance engagement.

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