So, what’s the problem with GDPR?

If you are a small business, a local business or a micro business then GDPR can cause you no end of problems.

Hi, my name is Steve Richards the owner of Watchman IT Security and Computer Technical Solutions. As you probably know, GDPR became law on 25th May 2018. It replaces the Data Protection Act and is designed to give more rights to the individual (known as the data subject).

By giving more rights to the data subject GDPR puts the onus on the business to ensure that the data is help securely, is protected and that it is held for the right reason.

For example, if you collected the data in a survey to find out what sort of chocolate people like the most (dark or dairy milk) and then, later, decided to contact those people you could be in major trouble!

You see, if you didn’t tell the participants of the survey that you would contact them, then under GDPR you can’t!


Sure, I know, I’ve seen them. There are templates out there that you can download for free. Well, be my guest! The problem with a template is that it is trying to be all things to everyone.

Your business is probably different to the same type of business in a neighbouring town, right? So how can a template fit every business?

GDPR small business

As an example of where this could cost you many hours and sleepless nights, consider your method of collecting data and the reason you hold the data. A simple choice at first glance is probably to select the “Opt-In” get permission to hold the data from the individual. In fact, in over 80% of cases this is the wrong choice!

The Solution

At Watchman IT Security, we have been promoting GDPR since 2016, we have been writing bespoke documents for clients based on their individual business needs. We are consultants and practitioners, so we understand GDPR.

We also know that small businesses, local businesses and micro-businesses really don’t have big budgets. But we also know that you probably don’t have the time or expertise to do the documentation yourself.

So, if you hold data on individuals or if you have a website (many websites store visitors IP addresses – that comes under GDPR as well), be it record cards or an appointment diary, a CRM or all the information is on your mobile phone, laptop or computer, if you have employees, hold payroll records then this solution is probably for you.

I said probably, so who isn’t this for? Now we can help any company no matter how large or small, but this solution is for small businesses.

This isn’t for companies with more than one location, more than 20 employees, if your client data is gathered for you by multiple agencies then the solution for you is not this but another one that we can help with, so contact us anyway but not for this solution.

If you are a small painting and decorating firm, hairdressers, jewellery shop, estate agents, letting agents, dog walking or grooming business, a book keeper or small accountant, then keep on reading.

So how does this work?

  • We analyse the assessment
  • Generate a detailed report
  • Discuss the results
    • In person
    • By video conference
  • We provide you with recommendations
  • We show you the way forward

GDPR Problems

What happens after we get the report?

1). You use the report and briefing as a road map complete the advice and create your own documentation (we can consult at our standard rate).

2). We use the report and provide the recommended solutions and you complete the documentation yourself (we can consult at our standard rate).

3). We complete the recommended solutions and your GDPR documentation for you.

What are recommended solutions?

Recommended solutions are typically concerned with Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Backups, Data Storage locations etc.

What does it all cost?

Well, so long as we determine this is the right for your business, depending on if you choose (1, 2 or 3 above):-


  • £250 + VAT
  • £250 + Cost of the recommended solutions + VAT
  • £400 + Cost of the recommended solutions + VAT

Compared to the penalties for not having the right processes and documentation that is absolute peanuts, but there are no monkeys here.

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