How can cybersecurity phishing training help?

You may already be a victim of a Cybersecurity Breach and ncybersecurity phishing trainingot know it!

What’s the best way to protect your staff then?

This is one of those questions that tends to bring out a lot of answers:

  • Better spam filters
  • Trusted anti-malware software
  • Better anti-virus software
  • Education and Phishing Training
  • …….
  • ….

The list goes on, but in fact one of the most effective, simplest and most cost effective is actually Education and Training – but not death by Power Point!

With so many emails still getting through spam filters it’s hard to know how staff are reacting to the emails, they may unwittingly be clicking on links or opening attachments that are allowing hackers to infect your system and steal data.

Oh I know, you probably think that your data isn’t of interest to anyone, but you would be surprised at how many attacks on large corporations come via smaller companies that they supply or are supplied by. It is usually easier for the hackers to penetrate and then steal information from a small to medium sized company that allows them to access the big firm using stolen credentials.

So, definitely not death by Power Point; the best way to get the education and training across is by regular assessments of your staff:-cybersecurity phishing training

  • Periodic test phishing emails sent from a recommended and approved source
    • Phishing emails with crafted content
    • Phishing emails with specific links that tell the “victim” that they have been caught out
    • Follow-up emails explaining the clues that they missed in the email that caught them out in the phishing test
  • Assessments of the results across your employees
    • Allows management to identify staff that consistently fail to identify phishing attempts in the phishing test
    • Allows management to provide specific training to staff members that need it the most
    • Improves confidence levels and reduces risk to the company

How often should a Phishing Test be done?

We believe that the choice is really up to you, as a result we have come up with some suggested plans that cover the most requests. We call this test solution “Phishing Line”

One Off Phishing Test

A one off Phishing Test is typically conducted over the space of a one month period. You supply us with some specific information about your employees and we do the rest.

Prior to the month starting, and definitely before your staff receive any basic training, (by video), we will sent out phishing emails to obtain a baseline figure for the company.

Over three weeks of the month, each employee will receive at least 3 Phishing emails calculated as a percentage of average daily emails received by employees. In the last week of the month the results will be presented to management and those most at risk as identified in the training will receive additional training.

Monthly Plan random percentage spread

As per the One Off Phishing Test above but carried out monthly over a 12 month period.

Annual Plan random percentage spread with in house training

As per the Monthly Plan but with quarterly Cyber Security Briefs to provide more in depth education to your staff ensuring that they become Cyber Aware and remain so in the long term.

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Don’t get caught out by a phishing attack, get your staff cybersecurity training and more importantly in this case, phishing training.