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IT Security TrainingEducation is a Critical Investment

Security Training

When it comes to reducing risk, education is key and that makes it a critical investment, security training is no different when it comes to helping your company. For instance, providing training for your staff benefits your staff and the company because the staff will feel valued.

The value to the company is in the reduced risk of a breach. It probably isn’t easy, but try to imagine the impact of a successful cyber-attack against your business.

A recent survey by PWC found that the average cost of an intrusion into a small or medium sized business was between £65,000 and £115,000. The worst affected small businesses suffered anything up to 6 network breaches in a year. Quite often the cost of data recovery could mean the difference between being able to keep trading or going under.

So, depending on the level of service you require we can use powerful automated scanning tools and the same techniques as hackers to create and simulate an attack against your business network. But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

Every day brings news of security breaches, new vulnerabilities and increased security threats. With so many new vulnerabilities being used against us its hard to stay up to date, so how can we educate people?

The answer is pretty simple; training. Training of any sort is great, but as you are probably aware, continual and ongoing training is always the very best sort.

Why use Watchman IT Security?

We know that there are many organisations that recognise ongoing training to be the very best benefit. Because, not every company has the financial resources to take the training that offers the highest level of benefits. If that is the case, speak with us, there are other possibilities and arrangements that could be made to help you.

At Watchman IT Security we have a training package that will help educate staff. But, describing the aims and goals of the people behind these threats means that we can help staff get on the right wave length to protect company data.

The examples that we provide, the simple solutions to the typical challenges that staff face day to day ensure that your staff will not be bored or left feeling incapable.

Our training is aimed not just at educating but also empowering staff so that new threats are highlighted with potential solutions. This leads to better procedures and better business practices.

Basic Security Awareness Training Course Content

  • Threat landscape – Live overview of current threats and where and how they originate?
    • Why the Internet threat will not go away
  • Real Life Scenarios – Common points of entry for infections
    • Phishing
    • Spear Phishing
  • Typical company risks – Understanding is a step on the road to enlightenment!
  • Best Practices – How to protect your business
    • Why Audit?
    • Practical Security Solutions – Solutions for any computer user and for business owners
    • Cyber Essentials – Demonstrate how seriously you take other people’s data



Basic Training

Full Training

Training Plus

As above (content may vary) Basic Training Plus Standard Training Plus
Management Documentation Quarterly Security Updates
Self Assessment Testing
Phishing Simulator Use
Internal Network Security
Assessment of Your Business
£50 per person

(Minimum of 8 people)

£70 per person

(Minimum of 8 people)

£100 per person

(Minimum 10 people)

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