Some security news items have really struck a cord or rather dis-cord with me tonight. As a result I thought I would post the links to the stories here for you to check out in your own time.

Apple – App store security blunder

First up on the day that Apple have released 3 new versions of the iPhone (including their most expensive ever), some news about an App that ranks highly in the App store and sends browser and security information to China!

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Trend Micro – Not so secure

Known for their anti-virus software and anti-malware solutions, Trend Micro have been caught with their trousers around their ankles and their Mac open.

Another Mac App Store application security let down, personally I have to wonder what checks are being performed before an app is allowed into the Apple Store, it seems like the criteria revolves around how much can Apple make out of this!

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One-third of all fraud targets are mobile, a growing source of all digital transactions.

As if the previous two items weren’t enough to be concerned about, with most people turning to their phones rather than a pad, laptop or PC for answers, it should come as no surprise to find out that mobile fraud is on the increase.

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TV License website said it was secure. It wasn’t…

When you pay for your TV licence online, you would hope that the information is secure, however, the site made too much reliance on the visitor typing the URL completely and accurately.

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The continued rise of the Banking Trojan

The determination of criminal actors to find better ways to extort, steal and defraud the public is proving to be a major headache.

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