Watchman IT Security is part of the Computer Technical Solutions Group. Over the years as our business has expanded we have noticed the absolute requirement for us specialise in specific areas and to make those specialties known and available to the public.

As a result of the increase in security work that CTS has been performing we have created Watchman IT Security as a specialist brand offering:-

  • Security awareness training to Small and Medium (SME) sized businessesAcronis Certified Engineer
  • Advice and support on security hardware:
    • Firewall Sales
    • Firewall Maintenance
    • Firewall Managed Services
    • IT Managed Services
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Policy Document support
  • Staff security awareness training

Our initial consultation allows you to decide if we are the people that you would like to work with and that meeting is free. At the meeting we can discuss your needs, risk assessment, practical advice and of course we can book the next meeting.

All consultancy after the initial meeting is chargeable but you may be surprised at how reasonable the costs are.

Further more you can be sure that we will communicate clearly throughout the process.

Code of Professional Ethics

We follow the ISACA Code of Professional Ethics. ISACA sets forth this Code of Professional Ethics to guide the professional and personal conduct of members of the
Association and/or its certification holders.

Members and ISACA Certification holder’s shall:

  1. Support the implementation of, and encourage compliance with, appropriate standards, procedures and controls for
    information systems.
  2. Perform their duties with due diligence and professional care, in accordance with professional standards and best
  3. Serve in the interest of stakeholders in a lawful and honest manner, while maintaining high standards of conduct and
    character, and not engage in acts discreditable to the profession.
  4. Maintain the privacy and confidentiality of information obtained in the course of their duties unless disclosure is
    required by legal authority. Such information shall not be used for personal benefit or released to inappropriate
  5. Maintain competency in their respective fields and agree to undertake only those activities, which they can
    reasonably expect to complete with professional competence.
  6. Inform appropriate parties of the results of work performed; revealing all significant facts known to them.
    Support the professional education of stakeholders in enhancing their understanding of information systems security
    and control.

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