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With a focus on protecting your critical data we enjoy working with all our clients no matter what their needs. "Data shows ransomware declined 20% overall – its first drop since 2013 – but enterprise ransomware increased 12%. More than 80% of all ransomware infections hit businesses. The shift is likely due to a decline in exploit kit activity, researchers report, as this was previously a key channel for ransomware delivery. Most ransomware attacks in 2018 spread via email, which remains the primary communication tool for most organizations." - Dark Reading

Some of our Services

Of course every business owner knows that their computers should have Anti-Virus software running on them to minimise the risk of Malware Infections, don’t they?

What many don’t realise is that the average SME is breaking the law because of the type of Anti-Virus program they have installed.

Worse still, staff don’t understand Anti-Virus alert messages and as a result often let malware onto the system. At best this can result in annoying pop-ups and/or monitored shopping habits online, but in many cases there is a security risk that the company may be unaware of until it is too late.

Other software can be of use as well, with the biggest malware threat currently being so called Ransom Ware. In particular one called Locky that encrypts your data on the hard drive before holding the user to ransom to de-crypt the drive is rampant currently. Your Anti-Virus won’t save you from it, but other software can. Contact us to learn more.


Protecting your business data by employing an effective Firewall can do more than just disillusion hackers; it can save you time and money!

When I fitted my firewall to my business network one of the biggest benefits was an instantaneous reduction in email. I happen to have multiple email accounts and as you can imagine, just like you and everyone else I receive a lot of unsolicited emails (SPAM). Before fitting my firewall an average day produced 80 emails in each email account. After the firewall was fitted that number dropped to 20.

Less SPAM to sort through, more time saved and less risk to my data. A Firewall can save you from numerous threats and will definitely save you money in the long term. What’s more; a professional Firewall can be purchased for under £600. That is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

If you already have a Firewall then why not contact us and we can provide you with a report on any work that’s needed and we can even do that for you?

Systems Audit

In a Systems Audit we work with your departments and in particular with your IT department or support provider to analyse the risk to your business from an Data Security perspective.

After all, these days almost every business has electronic data and that data forms the core of your business.

A typical Systems Audit will look at what data you have, how and where it is stored, the potential risk of data loss be it accidental, environmental, malicious or because of a disaster. The final report delivered to the board will provide an independent set of results, a suggested plan for any remedial action that may be required and suggested dates for completion and a follow up.

An Audit is not about apportioning blame but rather on ensuring that best practices are being used to minimise the risk of potential data loss in your business.

If you would like to understand the impact of just one of the risk factors we look at then follow the link and Learn More.


After Hardware and Software solutions the most critical defence you have against Cyber Attack is Knowledge.

Keeping your staff informed and educated on the current threat landscape will help ensure that you minimise the risk to your company from threats such as Phishing and in particular Spear Phishing.

We can help inform your staff in onsite group training which is an efficient and effective way minimise cost whilst getting maximum impact on how serious the threat is to your company and as a result to their employment.

If you prefer we can provide online training via an online conference sessions; this is a really green way of delivering the training to individuals and groups at distance.

How We've Helped Businesses in 2018

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GDPR Training (companies)


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Successful Data Recovery


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